Fifth Law Commission

    (Chairman Mr. K. V. K. Sundaram 1968-1971)
    Report No. Subject Year of submission Download pdf
    39 Punishment of imprisonment for life under the Indian Penal Code. 1968 Accessible_(PDF 734KB)
    40 Law relating to attendance of Prisoners in Courts. 1969 Accessible_(PDF 1.33MB)
    41 The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. 1969 Accessible_(PDF 8.24MB)
    42 Indian Penal Code. 1971 Accessible_(PDF 9.42MB)
    43 Offences against the National Security. 1971 Accessible_(PDF 5.29MB)
    44 The Appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in Civil Matters. 1971 Accessible_(PDF 1.57MB)