Achievements/Impact of Law Commission Report

    Based on the recommendations of the pre-independence Law Commissions, many Acts were enacted viz., Religious Endowments Act 1863, Official Trustees Act 1864, Carriers Act 1865, Indian Companies Act 1866, General Clauses Act 1868, Divorce Act 1869, Court fees Act 1870, Land Acquisition Act 1870, Female infanticide prevention Act 1870, code of criminal procedure revised 1872. Indian Contract Act 1872, Indian Evidence Act 1872, Special Marriages Act 1872, etc.

    After independence, the Law Commission of India has a long record of successful law reforms since its establishment in 1955. Of the 277 reports, 92 reports stand implemented by the Government

    1.  The first Law Commission of India submitted its 14th report titled ‘Reforms of Judicial Administration’ in 1958 both civil and criminal. A comprehensive report for the revision Code of Criminal Procedure, namely the 41st report titled ‘The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898’ was submitted in 1969. This report took into consideration the recommendations made in the earlier reports of the Commission dealing with specific matters, namely, the 14th, 25th, 32nd, 33rd 36th, 37th, and 40th reports. Accordingly, all the reports resulted in the enactment of the new Code of Criminal Procedure 1973.
    2.  Recommendations made in Report no 165 resulted in the enactment of The Right Of Children To Free And Compulsory Education Act, 2009.
    3.  Recommendations in report no 186 resulted in the National Green Tribunal Act,2010.
    4.  The 20 Law Commission had submitted 4 reports being report no 248 to 251 recommending the Repeal of obsolete laws /outdated Laws which has resulted in repeal by the legislature of over 1500 central Acts.
    5. Based on the recommendation of Report No. 253 of the Law Commission “The Commercial Courts,  Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division, High Court Bill, 2015 was introduced in the Parliament which has since been enacted.
    6. Report No. 246 provided valuable inputs for amending the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 through the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment ) Bill 2015.
    7. Reports no 244 and 255 recommended electoral reforms by strengthening the office of the Election commission of India in order to provide more independence and tooth to the institution.

    The Commission has made recommendations pertaining to general legal reforms, judicial reforms, and matters related to personal laws, labor laws, laws related to rights of women, children, old age persons, and humanitarian reforms.