No. of Report Title of Report Year of Submission View Report
    14 Reform of Judicial Administration 1985 Accessible_Vol_01(PDF 8.75MB) |
    Accessible_Vol_02(PDF 7.94MB)
    58 Structure and Jurisdiction of the Higher Judiciary 1974 Accessible_(PDF 2.97MB)
    122 Forum for National Uniformity in Labour Adjudication 1987 Accessible_(PDF 4.40MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 5.92MB)
    123 Decentralisation of Administration of Justice: Disputes Involving Centres of Higher Education 1988 Accessible_(PDF 5.07MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 5.93MB)
    124 The High Court Arrears – A Fresh Look 1988 Accessible_(PDF 4.76MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 9.59MB)
    162 Review of functioning of Central Administrative Tribunal, Customs, Excise and Gold (Control) Appellate Tribunal and Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal 2014 Accessible_(PDF 3.02MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 6.15MB)
    186 Proposal to Constitute Environment Courts 2003 Accessible_(PDF 669KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 5.67MB)
    215 L. Chandra Kumar be revisited by Larger bench of Supreme Court of India 2008 Accessible_(PDF 403KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 2.86MB)
    225 Amendment of Sections 7, 7A, and 7B of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Making Advocates Eligible to man Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals 2009 Accessible_(PDF 860KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 962KB)
    232 Retirement Age of Chairpersons and Members of Tribunals – Need for Uniformity 2009 Accessible_(PDF 264KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 1.17MB)
    272 Assessment of Statutory Frameworks of Tribunals in India 2017 Accessible_(PDF 1.28MB) |Accessible_Errata-in-Report-No.272(PDF 111KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 791KB)