Legal Profession

    No. of Report Title of Report Year of Submission View Report
    123 Decentralisation of Administration of Justice: Disputes Involving Centres of Higher Education 1988 Accessible_(PDF 5.07MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 5.93MB)
    131 Role of legal profession in Administration of Justice 1988 Accessible_(PDF 4.35MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 2.18MB)
    184 Legal Education & Professional Training and Proposals for amendments to the Advocates Act, 1961 and the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 2002 Accessible_Part_1(PDF 759KB) |Accessible_Part2(PDF 190KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 9.73MB)
    266 The Advocates Act, 1961 (Regulation of Legal Profession) 2017 Accessible_(PDF 2.09MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 725KB)