No. of Report Title of Report Year of Submission View Report
    76 Arbitration Act, 1940 1978 Accessible_(PDF 8.18MB)
    129 Urban Litigation – Mediation as alternative to Adjudication. 1988 Accessible_(PDF 5.09MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 8.81MB)
    176 The Arbitration and conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2002 2001 Accessible_(PDF 2.31MB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 9.52MB)
    194 Verification of Stamp Duties and Registration of Arbitral Awards 2005 Accessible_(PDF 156KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 1.02MB)
    222 Need for Justice-dispensation through ADR etc. 2009 Accessible_(PDF 304KB) |Accessible_Hindi(PDF 1.55MB)
    246 Amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Along with supplementary report) 2014 Accessible_PDF_01(PDF 1.08MB) |Accessible_PDF_02(PDF 736KB) |Accessible_Supplementary(PDF 1.38MB) |Accessible_Hindi_01(PDF 534KB) |Accessible_Supplementary_Hindi(PDF 306KB) |