redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 262 on "The Death Penalty" | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 261 on "Petshop Rules" |Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 260 on "Analysis of the 2015 Draft Model Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty" |Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.259 on "Early Childhood Development and Legal Entitlements" | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.258 on "Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials and Officials of Public International Organisations - A Study and Proposed Amendments" | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.257 on "Reforms in Guardianship and Custody Laws in India" | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.256 on Eliminating Discrimination Against Persons Affected by Leprosy | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.255 on Electoral Reforms | Hindi - Part I , Part II
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No.254 on The Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013 | Hindi
Report_No.253_Commercial_Division_and_Commercial_Appellate_Division_of_High_Courts_and__Commercial_Courts_Bill._2015 | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 252 on Right of the Hindu Wife to Maintenance | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report_No.251 on Obsolete Laws - Warrnting immediate Repeal (Fourth Interim) | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 250 on Obsolete Laws - Warranting immediate Repeal (Third Interim) | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes).249th Second Interim Report on Obsolete Laws | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)248th Interim Report on Obsolete Laws | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 247 on Indian Succession Act | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 246 on Amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 | Part-II Annexure | Hindi | Supplementary_to_Report_No._246 | Supplementary to Report No. 246 Amendments to Arbitration (Hindi)
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)Report No. 245 on Arrears and Backlog | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 244th Report on Electoral Disqualifications | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 243rd Report on Section 498A IPC | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 242nd Report on Prevention of Interference with the freedom of Matrimonial Alliances (in the name of Honour and Tradition): A suggested Legal Framework | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 241st Report on Passive Euthanasia - A Relook | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 240th Report on Costs in Civil Litigation | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 239th Report on Expeditious Investigation and Trial of Criminal Cases Against
Influential Public Personalities - Submitted to the Supreme Court of India in W P (C) NO. 341/2004,
Virender Kumar Ohri Vs. Union of India & Others
| Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 238th Report on Amendment of Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and Allied Provisions | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 237th Report on Compounding of (IPC) Offences | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 236th Report on Court-fees in Supreme Court vis-à-vis Corporate Litigation | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 235th Report on Conversion/Reconversion to another religion - mode of proof | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 234th Report on Legal Reforms to Combat Road Accidents | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 233rd Report on Amendment of Code of Criminal Procedure Enabling Restoration of Complaints | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 232nd Report on Retirement Age of Chairpersons and Members of Tribunals – Need for Uniformity | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 231st Report onAmendments in Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Court-Fees Act 1870 permitting different modes of Payment | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 230th Report on Reforms in the Judiciary - Some Suggestions | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 229th Report on Need for division of the Supreme Court into a Constitution Bench at Delhi and Cassation Benches in four regions at Delhi, Chennai/Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 228th Report on Need for Legislation to Regulate Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics as well as Rights and Obligations of Parties to a Surrogacy | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 227th Report on Preventing Bigamy via Conversion to Islam – A Proposal for giving Statutory Effect to Supreme Court Rulings | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)  226th Report on the Inclusion of Acid Attacks as Specific Offences in the Indian Penal Code and a law for Compensation for Victims of Crime | Hindi

redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 225th Report on Amendment of Sections 7, 7A and 7B of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Making Advocates Eligible to man Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals | Hindi

redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 224th Report on Amendment of Section 2 of Divorce Act 1869 Enabling Non-domiciled Estranged Christian Wives to seek Divorce | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 223rd Report on Need for Ameliorating the lot of the Have-nots – Supreme Court’s Judgments | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 222nd Report on Need for Justice-dispensation through ADR etc. | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 221st Report on Need for Speedy Justice – Some Suggestions | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 220th Report on Need to fix Maximum Chargeable Court-fees in Subordinate Civil Courts | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 219th Report on Need for Family Law Legislations for Non-resident Indians | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 218th Report on Need to accede to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (1980)   | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 217th Report on Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage - Another Ground for Divorce | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 216th Report on Non-Feasibility of introduction of Hindi as compulsary language in the Supreme Court of India | Hindi