imbull.gif (76 bytes) Press Note – Clarification -Report No. 276
imbull.gif (76 bytes) 'Public Notice: Simultaneous Elections – Constitutional and Legal Perspective'
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Public Notice Dated 10.4.18 on Uniform Civil Code
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Public Appeal: Uniform Civil Code
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Public Notice: Uniform Civil Code
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Circular-for empanelment of Consultant in Law Commission of India
imbull.gif (76 bytes) APPEAL - Betting and Gambling
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Appeal - Laws relating to housekeeping and transport of poultry birds.
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Notice - Shifiting of the office of law commission of india
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imbull.gif (76 bytes) APPEAL - Questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code | English(pdf format) | Hindi(pdf format) |
imbull.gif (76 bytes) APPEAL - Questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code | (English(word format) | (Hindi(word format in Uunicode)
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Questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code – Extension of time
          Considering the overwhelming response from the people and other stakeholders, and looking to the continuous inflow of responses; and the requests made by some stakeholders seeking extension of time for more deliberations, the Law Commission of India is of the opinion that the period for seeking replies on the Questionnaire be extended for 30 days in addition to the period mentioned in the Appeal, dated 7th October, 2016.
2.       Accordingly, the period is extended for thirty days, i.e. up to 21st December, 2016.

Uniform Civil Code –regarding
          Uniform Civil Code is one of the important projects before the Law Commission. The responses/replies received by the Commission are being processed.  The response/replies received, if any, after the date may also be considered.

imbull.gif (76 bytes) Constitution Day Research Paper Contest
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Notice - regulation of legal profession
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imbull.gif (76 bytes) Speech by Prof. Roger Hood
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Working paper on adavocates act, 1961
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper on Shared Parentage
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Invite to Consultation on Media Law
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Overview of the responses received

imbull.gif (76 bytes) Schedule of the Event
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Document showing links to useful sources
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation paper on Media Law | Noitce | (in Hindi)
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper-Capital Punishment | (in Hindi)
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Notice for Public regarding Consultation Paper on Electoral Reforms | Consultation Paper | Consultation Paper in Hindi
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Note on Farmers and Agricultureal Workers Welfare Cess Bill
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper-cum-Questionnaire on Adverse Possession of Land/Immovable Property
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper on Manmade Disasters | redarrow.gif (48 bytes) Supplementary note to man-made disaster
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper-Cum-Questionnaire on Undercover/Sting Operations | (in Hindi)
imbull.gif (76 bytes) National Consultation on ‘Current Challenges and Reforms in Civil and Criminal Justice Delivery System’
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Paper seeking views/suggestions from all concerned on Clause (c) of Explanation of Section 2(1), the Hindu Marriage Act
imbull.gif (76 bytes) ConsultationConsultation Paper on Unlawful intereference of Caste Panchayat etc. with marriages in the name of honour: A suggeste legislative framework -- English | Hindi
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper-cum-Questionnaire regarding Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code
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Consultation Paper on Legal Reform to combat Road Accidents 

imbull.gif (76 bytes)  Papers presented in International Conference on ADR and Case Management 
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper on Witness Identity Protection and Witness Protection Programmes
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Summary of the Consultation Paper on Witness Protection AND Questionnaire
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Press Release: Consultation Paper of the  Law Commission of India on Revision of the Insurance Act 1938 (16th June 03)
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Press Communique (as on 20-03-2002)
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper on "Mode of Execution Of Death Sentence And Incidental Matters"
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Consultation Paper on Insurance Laws: Part I   Part II    Part III
imbull.gif (76 bytes) Section 52 Transfer of property act ,1882 and its amendment