redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 244th Report - Hindi Version
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 243rd Report on Section 498A IPC | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 242nd Report on Prevention of Interference with the freedom of Matrimonial Alliances (in the name of Honour and Tradition): A suggested Legal Framework | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 241st Report on Passive Euthanasia - A Relook | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 240th Report on Costs in Civil Litigation | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 239th Report on Expeditious Investigation and Trial of Criminal Cases Against
Influential Public Personalities - Submitted to the Supreme Court of India in W P (C) NO. 341/2004,
Virender Kumar Ohri Vs. Union of India & Others
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 238th Report on Amendment of Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and Allied Provisions
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 237th Report on Compounding of (IPC) Offences | Hindi
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 236th Report on Court-fees in Supreme Court vis-à-vis Corporate Litigation
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 235th Report on Conversion/Reconversion to another religion - mode of proof
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 234th Report on Legal Reforms to Combat Road Accidents
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 233rd Report on Amendment of Code of Criminal Procedure Enabling Restoration of Complaints
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 232nd Report on Retirement Age of Chairpersons and Members of Tribunals – Need for Uniformity
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 231st Report onAmendments in Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Court-Fees Act 1870 permitting different modes of Payment
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 230th Report on Reforms in the Judiciary - Some Suggestions
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 229th Report on Need for division of the Supreme Court into a Constitution Bench at Delhi and Cassation Benches in four regions at Delhi, Chennai/Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 228th Report on Need for Legislation to Regulate Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics as well as Rights and Obligations of Parties to a Surrogacy
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 227th Report on Preventing Bigamy via Conversion to Islam – A Proposal for giving Statutory Effect to Supreme Court Rulings
redarrow.gif (48 bytes)  226th Report on the Inclusion of Acid Attacks as Specific Offences in the Indian Penal Code and a law for Compensation for Victims of Crime

redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 225th Report on Amendment of Sections 7, 7A and 7B of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Making Advocates Eligible to man Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals

redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 224th Report on Amendment of Section 2 of Divorce Act 1869 Enabling Non-domiciled Estranged Christian Wives to seek Divorce
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 223rd Report on Need for Ameliorating the lot of the Have-nots – Supreme Court’s Judgments
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 222nd Report on Need for Justice-dispensation through ADR etc.
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 221st Report on Need for Speedy Justice – Some Suggestions
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 220th Report on Need to fix Maximum Chargeable Court-fees in Subordinate Civil Courts
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 219th Report on Need for Family Law Legislations for Non-resident Indians
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 218th Report on Need to accede to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (1980)  
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 217th Report on Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage - Another Ground for Divorce
redarrow.gif (48 bytes) 216th Report on Non-Feasibility of introduction of Hindi as compulsary language in the Supreme Court of India